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Find out about what the legendary TurboGrafx had under the hood, what about, and why the "16" was so important, and why it was so groundbreaking!

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What made the console so great? The games of course! From memorable mascots like Bonk, to game changing ports like Splatterhouse, this machine delivered the goods!

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While some other has-been (lol) gaming companies may have gotten most the media attention and captured the attention of the masses, the TurboGrafx launched amazing games on a wonderful platform that stand the test of time to this very day.

If you are a retro gamer, or simply a epicure of fine gaming, you seriously owe it to yourself to give this masterpiece of a machine a ride.

Here at TurboGrafx.games, we are dedicated dropping some knowledge and history in order to bring you a little slice of Nostalgia from a time that shall never be forgotten, that glorious haven of classic gaming in the late 80's and early 90's.

It was the height of the Video Game Wars and may have been overlooked, but if we have any say, it will never be forgotten.

Hope you enjoy, and know you will!

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